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Lenso Raiden Diesel War 2017

What a week it was; the adrenaline, the sounds, the cars, and the atmosphere; all of this could be felt at the “Lenso Raiden Diesel War 2017” which was held at the Bangkok Drag Avenue in Klong 5 on Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of September, 2017.

The event brings together many top racing teams from all part of Thailand. These teams came to the event to showcase the beauty and the performance of their modified diesels vehicles which includes pickup trucks and vans. 13 Vehicles model compete for supremacy in the 12 events organized; and for many of them, records were broken.

In one particular event, the “Lenso King of Turbo 3000 Standard (ET), all the participant used Lenso Wheel to compete in it. The main wheel choice of the participants were the “D-1SF”, “Venom0”, “Venom2”, and “Venom3” which is no surprise at all due to the “Flow Forming” technology used by Lenso to manufacture those wheels; the technology makes the wheel lighter and stronger and enables the racer to make a quick starts resulting in the better time.

We at Lenso Wheel have gathered the exciting photo of the events for all our fans to look at.

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LENSO ALLOY WHEEL: Flow Forming Technology
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