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Hilux Revo One Make Race – Fascination with new D-1RS design

Toyota Motorsport 2016 has started up the first pitch all year round on recent July 2nd-3rd, 2016 at Phuket Criterium Public Park. And this first stage was ever shown up the most interesting over years. Toyota Motor stepped up Hilux REVO One Make Race into track this year which was a huge trend of truck in automotive industry by this current. At any rate, LENSO WHEEL has quickly caught up by creating new design wheel to specially react the flow. New Project D-1SR has been born with an outstanding design and essential strength suitably.

In tournaments of ‘VIOS One Make Race’ and ‘VIOS One Make Race Lady Cup’ this year, the participants obviously have shown developed skills and expertise in the field by higher up speeds and adverting very much joyful. Mainly, LENSO WHEEL shined up to those racers by handing more opportunities for new alternated wheels which were PROJECT-D Series; D-1SF, D-1RS, and D-1CS together with previous VENOM ZERO in order to brighten various look to match each own racer styles.

For Corolla ALTIS One Make Race, this race is always insisted full of professional racers. However, Project-D Spec-K was the most perfect matching because of its light weight and heat ventilated off the break caliper. We had no doubt to say that they were the best supporting one another.

Atmosphere of enjoyable keeps getting more and more attention every year in parts of sponsorship booth, event stage, and race. The event moreover has brought together numerous celebrities. LENSO WHEEL also had event booth with sharing out prize of alloy wheel set to those who together joined a fun.

For those who missed this race, we shall meet each other again in the next one on August 13th-14th, 2016 at His Majesty the King's 80th Birthday Sport Complex, Nakhon Ratchasima. Be ready for giveaway prizes and activities from now on!

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