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Proof Beyond Lenso World-class @ ADAC ZURICH 24 Hours Race at Nurburgring 2016

With a proud of Thai motorsport, Toyota Team Thailand has made an outstanding realization with the first time being in the podium in ADAC ZURICH 24 Hours Race at Nurburgring 2016. This race was brought forward by German Automotive under Nurburgring Racetrack which is reputedly named as one of the most challenge all around with 73 curves along total distance of 28 km. far. How tough could you imagine the racers made it done with non-stop (24-hour long) all the way through?

All the sport cars had significantly to be found in the market with just properly modified for 24-hour race and enough endurance was a must. Most of them were Corolla Altis ESport and Corolla Altis 1.8 ESport Nurburgring by applying with World-class Lenso Alloy Wheel for more ability and strength. Lenso Project D Spec-D and Project D Spec-K were the topmost interesting and were being in use because of their reputation worldwide in last two years. Real 24-hour long could have been out of suspicion no more!!

With this under pressure racing, all racers and teams dedicated to both body and mind until a success became true and brought happiness back to Thailand proudly. A minute of finished, Toyota Team Thailand has been across the checkered flag for both two and delightfully expressed at the first time in the podium.

No. 123 finished the tournament ranked second after 102 rounds finished under 75th overall for 159 participants.

No. 124 finished the tournament ranked fourth after 97 rounds finished under 88th overall for 159 participants.

For the winner, they finished 105 rounds which were seemed not to be out of reach for Toyota Team Thailand. This tournament was just the third join-year and surely will make it completed the top podium onwards.

Photos are credited by Toyota Team Thailand Facebook

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