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Fantastic Racing Wheel by LENSO PRO-STREET-ZERO

LENSO WHEEL has been accomplished again after receiving much reputation for LENSO D-1SF and was renowned in sense of racing trucks as well as sport cars. We this time collected famous photos of racing truck from www.boxzaracing.com. This is finished a decoration from Isuzu D-Max Hi-Lender which is owned by Mr. Nuttawut Thongdee under Panda Zing Club with superb modification details, lets see how.

External detail probably looks strange and outstanding for those who only caught the eyes on original Isuzu D-Max Hi-Lender; this was because a whole modification came from Isuzu Mu-X set of headlight, front bumper, and front grille, furthermore, they left a clear carbon fiber hood from Akana carbon showing beautiful engine and side mirrors for popular sporty by Craft Square. Last but not least, Carbon Kevlar doors with Isuzu D-Max cheeks for front doors, back doors, and tailgate.

Lets move on to power parts, the main engine part 4JK1 code is still untouched with changing to HKS air filter. The exhaust pipe is used 2.5: KHD, and also upgraded the Bosch gas tank with A tank from HPD. Moreover, Engine fuel injection system is used Nissan Navara with enlarging hole.

Decorator decided to have Aztex Force shock absorbers with four short low loaded D-Max for an extra aggressive look. LENSO PRO-STREET-ZERO known as PZF & PZR are chosen by 18x9 front with offset+20 together with 18x10.5 rear offset+15 and applying all tires sizes 255/50/18 by adjusting to Toyota Aristo 4 POT blue disc brakes.

Mr. Nuttawut said that he made the completed modification from his depth of heart under PANDA Style. His made can also specially use in daily life and the reason he selected LENSO wheel was to perfectly match his own style with LENSO PRO-STREET-ZERO look. Last thing, the wheel was created by Thai designer with awesome strength, durability, and standardized enough without concern.

Credited by http://car.boxzaracing.com/magazine/12288

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